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We’re back!

Posted by tnag on January 9, 2008

Hello everyone, TNAG is back, of course we’ve taken a little break…. Alright we’ve been off, we kinda forgot about this, didn’t wanna do it… But now we’re coming back, hopefully we’ll be more organized, “ALOT” more organized than before, We’ll be trying to release 2 episodes every month, later on we’ll try to put in 1 episode every week… But we’re busy with school, so try to listen in on our podcasts, subscribe to us on iTunes or just download from our site.

Also for old episodes you can download them from here.

Also if any of you guys play CSS “Counter-Strike Source” or Halo1-Trial verson for PC, I have a lil clan that, if you want you can join, just click on the link here.


One Response to “We’re back!”

  1. We certainly hope to see you at the Wake County Women’s Agenda Assembly on Jan. 29 at Peace College! Thanks for spreading the word! Click

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